by Cast Down The Plague

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Cast Down The Plague formed when members of the ASS PUPPETS took a "Hiatus". Drummer Bob 33, Bassist A-Bomb and guitarist Styme began working on new music right after the Ass Puppets called it a day. Soon after, they recruited a 2nd guitar player, Feyos to handle the lead and secondary rhythm duties to thicken up the sound. Vocalist, Noob came into the picture shortly after. After writing many of the bands signature songs in the first year and a half, Styme left the band and the band brought in Dustin Taberski to fill the void. Several more songs were written but the band began getting burnt on setbacks out and disbanded after nearly 4 years.

This album took over a year to record from start to finish. We went through lots of changes and took our sweet time in finishing. We ended up pulling the plug on the band before we could release it. Anyways, here it is. FINALLY! ...and for FREE even! Enjoy!

Drums recorded by Garth Mason @ Plinko Studios - South Bend, IN

Guitars, Bass and Vocals recorded, mixed, mixed again, and remixed again (...and again and again...) by A-Bomb @ Pull My Finger Studios, South Bend, IN.

Mastered by Brian Elliott @ Mana Recording Studios St Petersburg, FL


released 02 December 2012

Dave "Noob" Snowdin - Vocals

Bob 33 - Drums (guitar on track 3)

A-Bomb - Bass (synths on tracks 4 and 7)

Feyos - Guitars

Dustin Taberski - Guitars

Special thanks to Mike "Styme" Pugh.



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Track Name: Anti-Life
Pleasing your desires. Filming. ending. beating. flat liner. You help to kill humans, illusion. You obsess in their death. Its Murder. Wanting to kill ourselves so it gives you larger wealth. Throwing Myths into their mind Destroy amounts of human kind. Injection... Stops the heart. Rejection... cells fall apart. Ender of life. What you are. The Anti-Life, it's your scar. Ending breathing. Last for taking. Homicidal death you're making. Ender of life, what you are... The Anti-Life.
Track Name: Anatomy Of A Nightmare
Close your eyes. Cut down the line. Relax the stress of day to day.Your consciousness will wash away. Images begin to flicker and madness will grow thicker. Your heart beats faster as your body begins to sweat. Images of loved ones and lost acquaintances. Twisted minds of madness of your own self consciousness. Close your eyes. A nightmare. A bad dream. Pieces of reality. Land of recall. Emotions a flood with Goddamn suffering. You cannot, not escape this, not escape this nightmare. This bad dream that you cannot wake. It's a nightmare you cannot wake. A Nightmare. This is the dream you cannot awaken. A nightmare you cannot control.
Track Name: It's A Wonderful Lie
You think telling lies will give you gain. You think telling lies will win this game. I've had enough of your made up facts. A little bit of truth is what they lack, because you tell the same lies. You're the liar, you pride it. You're the liar, you love it. You're the liar, full of lies. You're the liar. I hate your lies. LIAR! You think telling lies will get you off the hook. You think telling lies will change where they look, but your strategy, I have already seen. Now you have been caught, just by me. Cause you tell the same lies. You're the liar, you pride it. You're the liar, you love it. You're the liar, speak falsely. You're the liar, can't trick me. You're the liar, full of lies. You're the liar. I hate your lies. You're not able to speak the truth! You're the liar.
Track Name: Reptile
Wake the warriors. Kill the sorcerers. Shadows on the moon. Buried in the dune. Though the time has passed. battles will always last. Passing time consumes. Leading to your doom. Fatal time of death. Full of acid breath. Fight off all you can... Spikes are rising high. Standing so you'll die. Come now, make your way. It's your dying day. Think you'll beat me? I'll laugh, you'll see. Swinging your fist. I'll break your wrist. Feeling the pain. Ending this game. Hate is unleashed. Pain is released. I know... You can't... Beat me... Fall! Try to... Want to... Have to fight. Fight! Death. This will be your death. Million versions. Only one germ. Time to kill off. Not show off. Does death scare you? Fight off a fighter of game. You'll die the same. Reptile... Your soul... Is mine!
Track Name: Amiga
Make me run from cemetery. Glowing eyes. Oh, so scary. But I turn back and look again. Will your haunting come to an end. What the hell is wrong with you. Your glowing eyes pierce right through you. Isn't it passed your bedtime? Crying next to your rotting shrine. Amiga. Nina, who are you? Why are you here, no one knew. Turn your head to reveal your glowing eyes, because you are... Amiga. Nina, Nina, Nina, Nina. Amiga, do you not know that I wont let your presence go? Holy shit, I'm running away to tell my friends, what shall I say?Adrenaline rushes through my veins. All because of your remains. Call me up when you're 18. I'll never forget what I seen. Tattoo nuts upon your chin. pull your hair and put it in. Amiga. The story is now at an end. Disappear around the bend. Now I go and search for more. That crying sound I can't ignore. Paranormal entities that can drop you to your knees. In my mind I'll always know. Amiga, I can't let you go. Amiga. Six feet. Mosh Pit. Knee deep in the dead of the sadomasochistic Psychomancer. Full blown chaos weakening the structure of the bodies in the gears. Amiga.